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Reading Tutoring in Hobe Sound, Florida

When your child is struggling with math or reading, bring them to Love to Read in Hobe Sound, Florida for exceptional reading tutoring. To develop an instruction plan, each student is pretested and previous assessments, grades, and reports are reviewed by Mandy.

Reading Tutoring

Reading becomes a reality with Love2Read tutoring services. Mandy uses the direct, explicit, sequential, cumulative, strategic, research-based, evidence-based, multisensory structured language approach to improve reading skills. Reading instruction from this tutoring practice is great for those who have dyslexia, learning disabilities, attention deficits, or who are learning English.

For young children, the pacing and delivery of instruction caters to the individual student. Mandy knows how to redirect, engage, and pull each student into the lesson. To ensure the student is comfortable, each learner is given stretch breaks, while a lively pace is maintained, and  a highly interactive lesson sequence is provided.